Storage in the deep froze cold store (up to -25°C) of the area of 60 m2 of different products excluding food.

Control of pharmaceutical preparations with the use of laboratory animals according to pharmacopoeial requirements within the scope of the procedures of:

  • the test for the presence of fever causing substances carried out on rabbits
  • the test of harmlessness and specific toxicity
  • marking of immunogenicity of vaccines: tetanic and tetanic and typhoid
  • marking with the neutralisation test of the titre of tetanic and botulinum antitoxins
  • marking with the neutralisation test of the titre of viper venom antiserum Vipera berus

Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek BIOMED in Warsaw has been entered on the list of entities authorised to perform experiments on animals (Monitor Polski of 12 January 2004).

Aseptic filling of the following glass containers:

  • ampoules á 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml i 10 ml
  • insulin vials á 10 ml
  • penicillin vials á 5 ml
  • penicillin vials á 10 ml

Pouring bottles (glass and plastic) from 20 ml to 300 ml

A line of 5 connected 1000 liter pressure containers, each with a jacket, with automatic dosage and mixture and control of volume level, temperature and pH, possibility of deep clearing filtration.

Ultrafiltering of liquids on cassettes (Pellicon type).

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